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Taicheng Red Lions First Division Team

Red Lions was born in 1983 as the oldest expat football team in Taiwan and it has quickly integrated with Taiwanese players and culture. Our strong and lively contingency has lead local and international competitions for four decades. Fierce and competitive on the field, friendly and fun elsewhere; we stand for each other on and off the pitch. We are a true team with the best spirit on the island. 


In 2017 we signed a cooperation agreement with Taicheng Football Academy to develop world class soccer players and teams in a systematic and imaginative manner that guarantees performance at the highest level of competition. This academy was created by the passion for sports and education, their coaches applies an innovative focus to satisfy the needs of the athletes based on the philosophy of enjoying, learning and developing by a natural way and within a healthy environment. 


In 2018 Taicheng Red Lions wants to join Taiwan First Division league following the Jiugong Consulting philosophy which teaches us that we all are one team where the head must be sure; the body, well rooted; and the feet, fluent to guarantee the best performance.